Ovarian Cancer: Tumor-Specific Urinary Micro-Peptides Profiling as Potential Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis

  • Published:October,29 2020
  • Journal:Proteomes
  • Authors:Sulafa S. Murgan 1, Faisal J. Abd Elaziz 2, Abubakr M. A. Nasr 3 , Mona E. E. Elfaki 4 and Eltahir A. G. Khalil 1,*


A contrasting genotype and allele frequency pattern between Africans and non-Africans in the Duffy (T-33C) locus is reported. Its near fixation in various populations suggest is no longer under natural selection, and that current distribution is possibly a relic of distant extreme selection combined with genetic drift during the out of Africa. We put this difference into the utility to infer the ancestral state of ambiguous loci in different populations.